LoopARS – is an Assistance Request System designed for instant request for any type of assistance.
Like if you are in a conference room and need assistance with the technical equipment or simply need more coffee.
This system will greatly improve the customers satisfaction and enables your staff to fulfill the customer’s needs.
It’s plenty of useful applications – especially within the service and health sector.

LoopARS demo

Operator View

The “operator” is the panel where you request assistance. The buttons are fully configurable. You can have as many buttons as you like. All buttons are configured from the Web backed, so no configuration is necessary to perform on the actual panel. There is also an “emergency” button – if you press and hold it for 3 seconds, you will launch an emergency alarm. All requests can be cancelled from the panel by useing the cancel function.

Assistant View

The “assistant” view is either on a panel where the assistants are or on a handheld device – or both.
You can have as many assistant devices as you like.
The request is acknowledged when the assistant press the request.
If the assistant presses the wrong request the acknowledgement can be cancelled within 5 seconds by pressing it again.
On the left you will see how many minutes it’s been since the request was placed by the customer. 

Signage View

The “signage” view is basically just a web page where all requests instantly appears.
This could be viewed on a signage screen in the hallway or just on a web browser at the reception computer.
The webpage can be viewed by several operators at any given time.
On the left you will see what time the reqest was placed and on the right how many minutes.
If the reqest exceeds the time limit configured it will turn yellow.

Backend (Web based)

The “backed” is where all the configuration and settings are done. This is where you configure rooms and settings,
get the URL for the Signage screen and the configuration codes for the different panels.
Its very easy to configure – done in just a few minutes.