Changes launched in 2024

  • Automated door lock system integration
    Integration with all major lock vendors.
  • Sync directly from O365 to O365 or Google
    (without useing LoopBooking portal)
  • Optional URL to order food directly from catering provider
  • Major improvements for O365 sync
  • Improvements to Excel catering report
  • Tenant admin can enable/edit Azure AD login details

Changes scheduled for 2024/2025

  • Guest booking when sync to O365/Google is enabled
  • Quota dashboard
  • Optional “cleanup” time added to booking
  • Optional reminder email from system for future booking
  • Address book  – easier to invite guests
  • Automated report generation and sending by email.
  • Drag’n drop scheduling/rescheduling
  • Possible to book more than one room pr. booking
  • Possible to copy meeting
  • Integration with Catering partners
  • Optional invite of meeting rooms in O365 or Google
  • Better integration with LoopSign

Changes launched in 2023

  • Microsoft Teams integration – create teams meetings from LoopBooking
  • Option to send blind copy of bookings/changes/deletions to additional email address
  • Teams Join link will follow between O365 tenants that have sync.
  • SSO integration (API and JWT)
  • Set list order of rooms in the scheduler
  • Option – Only show organizer name in calendar, not subject.
  • Admin – Possible to change meeting room before meeting is approved
  • Option to hide catering options – price and serving time
  • Option to set preset meeting subject. Can be set pr. room.
  • Tenant quota – option to set max total time pr. tenant pr. month
  • Option to authenticate from different systems using API and JWT
  • Optional mandatory field when booking (Booking reference)
  • Option to give specific normal users access to reports

Changes launched in 2022

  • Extensive resource booking module and app
    (Booking of desk, parking space, locker etc)
  • New and improved App for IOS and Android
  • Better report module with direct export to Excel
  • Optional to set number of persons when booking a room
  • Optional – Mandatory to enter number of persons to attend a meeting
  • Added option for individual confirmation message pr. room
  • Possible for different invite message to guests
  • Changed options for recurring bookings to match Outlook
  • Possible to end meeting earlier – if meeting cuts short
  • Possible for admin to change ongoing meeting
  • Optional mandatory number of attendees when booking
  • Possible to set max. meeting duration from 0,5 – to 24 hours.
  • User can set booking “granularity” in their profile. 5, 15, 30 minutes
  • Self service user registration based on allowed email domain
  • Optional – User can change meeting after meeting has started
  • Direct link to each room for instant booking or integration purposes
  • Optional “end now” possibility for resource bookings
  • Easier for admins and users to change rooms
  • Admin can change room even after event has started
  • Change room can be done if it is after deadline for catering
  • Configure “serving time” for Catering orders
  • Add pictures to catering menu items
  • Add same item several times in catering order
  • Better space for description in catering order module
  • Better catering orders report
  • Option to add Terms & Condition PDF and require confirm
  • Option to turn on/off option to invite guests to meetings
  • Option to show end date of meeting – yes/no

Changes launched in 2021

  • Veni, Life@Work integration
  • Azure AD authentication integration
  • BETA- O365 resource calendar synchronization
  • Option to turn off notification emails
  • Removed email reference to tenant admin in enrollment notification
  • Remove “space” if entered in end of password
  • Added option to run in anonymous read only mode
    (Schedule will show, however you can not do any booking unless you log in)
  • Option to show bookings done by others as just “busy” in calendar

Changes launched in 2020

  • Adaptive OnVisit integration  More information….
  • New Role – Catering Admin, can manage catering menus, orders and get reports.
  • Font size selection in Advanced Signage
  • Option – do not show passed events on signage
  • Extended catering reports
  • Easy booking – catering on “first” window
  • Custom email text on invite and booking confirmation
  • More options when scheduling recurring meeting (Like outlook)

Changes launched in 2019

  • Admin report generator, create your own report templates
  • New signage template, Advanced signage builder
  • Large “language” update (Wording both Norwegian and English)
  • Possible to set recurring restrictions on room calendar
  • Calendar week view
  • Added meeting info field (Can be changed by admin even after meeting is started)
  • Possibility to register organisation number on tenant
  • Default tenant address will be pre-filled when registering tenant
  • On/off “show tenant drop-down list” when doing an anonymous booking
  • Admin can set user passwords manually