Changes added 2020

  • New Role – Catering Admin, can manage catering menus, orders and get reports.
  • Font size selection in Advanced Signage
  • Option – do not show passed events on signage
  • Extended catering reports
  • Easy booking – catering on “first” window
  • Custom text on invite and booking confirmation
  • More options when schedulig recurring meeting (Like outlook)

Changes added 2019

  • Admin report generator, create your own report templates
  • New signage template, Advanced signage builder
  • Large “language” update (Wording both Norwegian and English)
  • Possible to set recurring restrictions on room calendar
  • Calendar week view
  • Added meeting info field (Can be changed by admin even after meeting is started)
  • Possibility to register organisation number on tenant
  • Default tenant adress will be prefilled when registering tenant
  • On/off “show tenant dropdown list” when doing an annonymous booking
  • Admin can set user passwords manually

Changes scheduled for 2020

  • Veni, Life@Work integration
  • Exchange/O365 rescource calendar syncronization
  • Azure AD authentication integration
  • Salto – Automated door lock system integration
  • Payment option – Vipps/Paypal
  • Teams integration
  • Optional to set number of PAX when booking a room
  • Possible to copy meeting
  • Select primary room picture
  • Possible to book more than one room pr. booking