• Cloud Based
  • Standard API’s
  • Multi-tenant
  • Optional Anonymous login (No need for autentication to create a booking)
  • Web based
  • User based access, admin, reception, tenant admin and user
  • Meeting room description in the booking system
  • Optional possibility for external users to request bookings
  • Optional approve of reservations
  • Optional possibility to send invitations in Outlook format and attached .ICS file
  • Optional Trip description/link to google maps, parking permit
  • Optional integration with Adaptive OnVisit
  • Standard API’s for integration with other systems
  • Integration with LoopMeeting panel system
  • Integration with Starleaf Videoconference
  • Meeting room overview screen – Signage
  • Option to set limitations for bookings. Example recurrence
  • Reporting. Example utilization/billing
  • Export data into different formats for import to invoice systems (CSV formats) and Excel.
  • GDPR support
  • Android and IOS App
  • Catering module, preorder food, coffee, mineral water to your meetings
  • Select what rooms the different tenants have access to