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Welcome to Loop 24 AS and LoopBooking
Loop24 ​​AS owns and operates the LoopBooking web service.


By using the Service LoopBooking website or the LoopBkking App, you fully accept our Terms of Use and agree to the processing of personal information as set forth in the Privacy Statement below. The Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement are hereinafter referred to as the User Agreement. The User Agreement may be updated at a later stage upon publication on this site and continued use assumes that the terms and conditions at any given time are accepted as binding. We urge you to read the User Agreement carefully.


  1. Responsibility for the use of your LoopBooking account
    Your use of LoopBooking is associated with processing room bookings (Add, edit, delete). You are responsible for all use of the system through your  account.  You are responsible for maintaining the security of this account.You undertake to keep Loop24 ​​indemnified for any damages that may result from your actions or omissions when using the account.
  2. Right to remove content and close account
    Loop24 ​​AS has the right to remove and close the account if it violates these terms of use.
  3. Changes in the User Agreement and the Solution
    This User Agreement may be amended by Loop 24 AS. Changes will be announced and posted on this website. You are responsible to keep up to date on any changes by checking this regularly. Continued use of the service after any changes implies that you accept these changes. Any new features added to the service will also be subject to the current user agreement.
  4. Warranty
    This website is delivered ‘as is’. Loop 24, as well as our suppliers and licensors hereby disclaim all warranties. We provide no guarantee that the service is incorrect or that access to the service may not be interrupted.
  5. Limitation of Liability
    Within the framework of prescriptive legislation, Loop24 ​​and our suppliers and licensors disclaim any responsibility for:

    • Loss of revenue or any other cost.
    • Random injuries, special injury or consequential damages
    • Loss due to time outages
    • Loss due to data loss or data damage
    • Cost of procuring replacement services – or products
    • Error or delay beyond our reasonable control
  6. The user is liable for damages, etc.
    By entering into this User Agreement, you agree to indemnify Loop 24 AS, our employees and licensors for all claims and expenses that may result from your use of the Service and / or breach of the Terms of Use.
  7. Termination
    Loop 24 has the right to close all or part of the website at any time. Such termination of the account does not mean that liability and obligations that in its nature extend beyond the subscription period are forfeited, such as liability for breach of third party rights.

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement explains how Loop24 ​​AS processes personal information in the LoopMeeting service.

  1. Data process and personal data storage.
    It is Loop 24 AS by the managing director who is the responsible for data privacy. If you wish to use your right to gain access to what is stored about you or to delete or correct information, please contact our support department.We strive to save as little as possible personal information on our servers and we share such information with others only in case of statutory duty or where it is necessary to complete the purpose of the solution.Our processing of personal data is governed by Norwegian privacy legislation.The main basis for our processing is your consent as you provide by accepting this agreement.The purpose of processing personal information is to provide the functionality of LoopMeeting.
  2. Online service
    LoopBooking is a web-based service, which means that the service automatically process person-identifying information such as name, email address and room booking details. LoopBooking web service also recivies non person-identifying data like posting time, referrer site, browser type, language settings, etc. Such non-person-identifying information we could use to improve our services and to statistics. As part of the standard communication, we will also receive the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer using the service. This is information that it may be possible to associate with people. This information is therefore protected for unauthorized users and is only used in accordance with the same guidelines as mentioned below.
  3. Collection and use of personal information
    In order to monitor your customer relationship, we ask you to provide some information about yourself, such as name and email address. This information is stored securely with us and is only conveyed to employees or subcontractors / partners who need this information in order to provide the service on behalf of Loop 24 or provide functionality in the LoopBooking solution. 3rd party who has received the information has undertaken to treat these confidential through agreement with Loop24. Some of our partners may be overseas and by using the LoopBooking solution you agree that the information may be transferred to foreign countries under the conditions mentioned above.
  4. Use of email address
    Unless you have made reservations about this, Loop 24 AS will be able to use your email address to send you information about our products and services, such as through brokerage newsletters.
  5. Cookies
    Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s computer and which the user’s browser gives to the site every time he or she returns. Loop 24 AS uses cookies to identify and track visitors. The purpose is to find out how they use Loop 24 AS’s website and services.If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you can choose this from your browser. However, this may cause Loop 24 AS’s websites to not work fully.By approving the User Agreement, you agree that cookies are used.
  6. Business transfers
    In case of Loop 24 AS or essential parts of the business being purchased, user information as mentioned above may be a part of the assets being transferred. This also applies to the realization of all or part of the business in case of bankruptcy or other discontinuation of the business. Your consent to the User Agreement will also constitute consent to such transfer of your personal information.
  7. Changes in the processing of personal data
    It may be that Loop 24 AS within the applicable law finds that you would like to change the privacy policy and we reserve the right to do so. Changes to the guidelines will be announced on this website and we advise our users and visitors to check for such changes on a regular basis. If you continue to use the Site after such changes have been announced, it will mean that you accept these changes.
  8. Consent
    By using our web site and all related services, you agree to our Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy that appear in this Privacy Statement.