Is there an APP for IOS and Android?

Yes, it can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play.

How do I show an overview of all of today’s meeting on a signage screen?

This is a build in feature in LoopBooking, you can design your own signage screen and use any brand of professional signage screen.

Can I have meeting room panels outside each meeting room?

You can use LoopMeeting panels with LoopBooking and utilize all features that the panels provide.

Is it possible to pre-order catering to the meetings?

Yes, this is a built in feature in LoopBooking.

Can I assign one or several rooms only to selected tenants?

Yes, you can configure a room to only be available for a selected group of tenants. The tenants that do not have access to this room will not see the room in their booking calendar.

Can I set rental prices in LoopBooking for each room?

Yes, you can set individual prices for each room – both hourly and daily prices.

Can I set opening hours for the meeting rooms?

Yes, each room can be configured with opening hours – and prohibit bookings outside the opening hours.

Can external companies request bookings?

Yes, LoopBooking can be set up in anonymous mode, that allows anyone to make a booking. The booking will be in “tentative” mode until administrator has confirmed the booking. Perfect for external rentals.

Can I make meeting rooms or other resources unbookable for a certain time?

Yes, you can – there is an extensive set of “pre-reserved” rules you set on each room.

Integration with video conference systems

LoopBooking can be integrated with Starleaf.

Can users book meeting rooms through their outlook?

Yes, with the additional O365 syncronization module

Can I invite guests to the meeting through LoopBooking?

Yes you can.

Do you have integration with any lock/access systems?

No, but this is a feature we are working on.

How do I onboard my users in the system?

You can either register them manually, and there will be an automated email sent to them with information how to log on and a temporary password. Or you can import users from a CSV file. – https://loopbooking.no/index.php/support/

Can I extract reports of bookings?

Yes, there is an extensive built-in reporting module

Do I need to install any software or server?

No, everything is cloud based and run thru your favorite internet browser.

There is no need to install any software or server.

Does LoopBooking support GDPR?

Yes, if this option is enabled, every booking will be anonymized after 3 months.