Please note – When upgrading from versions prior to 1.0.12 – uninstall before installing a new version.

From version 1.0.38 you can update the software directly from the panel.

  • Go to settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Select check for update

If you need to update the panels before they are configured you can download the app and install from USB, like described below.

Or simply connect to our demo environment using Central Configuration with configuration code: E764C8A3BC7C and Install password: Install
Then follow these steps:

  • Go to settings (Press the “i” down in the right corner)
  • Select Advanced settings
  • Press “check for update” button

After update, enter settings again, then choose “Server Setup” and select “Reset Setup” Now your panel is updated to the latest version and you are ready to set it up.


Download LoopMeeting version 1.0.98 LM-1012T

Only for firmware version R35-10-A6.424 and above

Download LoopMeeting 1.0.98 – LM-1012T

Download LoopMeeting version 1.0.92 other models*

(All models except LM-1012T with firmware version R35-10-A6.424 and above)

You can also download directly to the panel from the internet browser on the panel.

Unzip the downloaded file and copy the .APK file to a USB stick and plug into your device.

The File Manager should automatically launch and you can do the update by selecting the .APK file.

Please note that the panels can be a bit picky in terms of what types of USB sticks they accept.