App Update


The LoopMeeting app is constantly evolving with new functionality and features. It is easy to update your App. A good rule is always to test a new version on one panel before rolling out in  large scale.

It’s recommended to first clear the configured settings before update.
(Option 2 and 3 is only recommended if you already have version above 2.0.5x)

  • Go to settings
  • Server settings
  • Select “reset setup” and confirm OK

Then select “Check for update” from the menu.
If this menu-item is not available you have an older version of the app.
Then please update by using USB stick – Option 4

Option 1

From startup screen.
When starting the panel for the first time or after a reset you have the option to do an update before you load settings.

Just press the “Check for update” option in the initial startup screen

Option 2

From “Advanced setup”.
Enter settings (press “i” in lower right corner)
Select settings and enter password/pin
Select advanced settings and select check for update.

Option 3

From  Central Config.
If you use the LoopMeeting Central Config console
(  You can use the “Update App” option. Go to General Settings an press “Update App” button. Then the panels will automatically update within the next 24 hours.

Option 4

From  USB stick.
– Download the latest App version from “Download” section.
– Unzip to a USB stick (FAT32)
– On the panel, exit the LoopMeeting App.
(Enter settings and drag your finger from the bottom)
– Plug the USB stick in the unit and File explorer will start.
(Yes the panel is picky about USB sticks, try both ports.)

If the File Explorer does not autostart , enter Apps and start the CX/ES file explorer manually.
– Select USB and select/install the APK file.

Issues with update?

If you have updated the panel with option 2 or 3 and the panels just shows a blank black page after restart?
Then you need to do a factory reset of the panel.
See section 4 in this document: Configuration-LoopMeeting-with-LM-10xx.pdf

After the factory reset, update the panel to latest version with USB stick before entering the license key.

If you have one of these issues as seen below or update process just “hangs” when trying to update with option
1, 2 or 3, then the only option will be to update by option 4.
When that is done once, option 1, 2 and 3 should work again as normal. 

Still having problems with update? Double check that the panels are internet connected.