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If you experience any trouble with your LoopMeeting installation, please refer to our FAQ for quick solutions to all known issues.

Always make sure you have the latest app version installed!


Microsoft Office 365 configuration

Exchange configuration

Google Calendar configuration

LoopBooking Calendar configuration

Central Admin configuration

LoopMeeting functions

Configure LoopSign as background

Configuration and reset of LoopMeeting panels

Supported OEM panels

Loopmeeting works on any Android device with Android 5.0 or above.
But in order to make the LED indicator lights work according to available/busy
the following panels in addition to all LM models have LED control support.
Please contact us if you wish for LED support on other panel models.

  • Philips – 10BDL series
  • IADEA XDS-1078
  • ProDVX 10SLB and 10XPL
  • YC-D101T

Configuration and reset of OEM panels


Please refer to our FAQ section

“How to” Videos

How to configure LoopMeeting for Office365