Mount LM panels


IMPORTANT! – Mounting on glass wall

If you are mounting the panel on glass wall, please first clean the glass surface with appropriate cleaning agent to remove dust and oil.

Use pure alcohol, isopropanol, or acetone. Do NOT use hand sanitizer fluid! – this contains propylene and will make the glue unable to stick.

Place the panel as you like it to be and press it on the wall for a few seconds.
Remove the bottom screw to un-mount panel from mounting bracket.

Hold/press the bracket towards the glass surface for about 20-30 seconds to make sure it gets a grip.
Then use thumb / fingers to press hard on different places on the bracket to make it stick.

Then mount the panel back on the bracket.

Please note! The glue will not stick-on foil. If the glass has been foiled,
please remove it where the panel is to be placed.
When mounting on other surfaces than glass, use applicable screws!

Before you enter the license key enter “Demo Mode” and select “Check for updates”
After panel is updated enter the license key and configure the panel.