Configure Central Admin Console

This description takes you thru the steps needed to configure central admin Please follow the steps carefully 


1. Register account

To register an account in Central Admin, go to URL https://loopmeeting.no/registration.php

Please make sure you have followed the steps described in support section to make your calendar service ready.
Microsoft 365, Exchange and Google Suite environments all need preparation so please follow the steps described in Support carefully.

Please note that after your panels are connected to Central Admin, any changes made will be loaded to the panels within 24 hours (In the time period configured as outside working hours)

2. Server type descriptions

When connecting Central Admin to your calendar system you need to choose what kind of calendar system you have. Please read the description below carefully to choose your environment correctly.

3. Configure Central Admin

To start the configuration log in to https://loopmeeting.no/admin

The first thing you need to do is to configure your server type. Please note that Office365 – EWS requires LoopMeeting app version 1.0.98 or above, if you need to update the panels please follow the update guide.

For more information about the “Clean Room” feature see this function description

4. Load settings to the LoopMeeting panels

Now you are ready to set up your panels. On the panels, select “Central Setup” on the panel and enter the unique configuration code and install password. Then press “Finish” button to connect the panel to the correct room.