Look at this guide for instructions on how to update the device:


2.1.157 – Nov. 2023

  • Added Yellow color if the room is free, but there are 15 minutes or less to the
    next meeting in the room.
    (In addition to Yellow if there I 10 minutes or less remaining of current meeting.)
  • Fixed issue when booking on panel for more than one week ahead.
    Now prevents possible double bookings.
  • Fixed issue with timezones India and Sri Lanka
  • Fixed issue with keyboard when adding meeting on Android 11 devices

2.1.141 – Aug. 2023

  • Added option for sending daily reminder emails
    If enabled each room will every morning send email with list of today’s bookings.
    This as a reminder so booking can be cancelled.
  • Simplified app settings on panel if controlled by central configuration
  • Add option to touch the “circle” to do instant bookings and change booking.
  • Fixed show IP address on configuration page

2.1.136 – July. 2023

  • Added better error handling when loading rooms
  • Added option to book Teams meeting directly on panel
    If enabled booking done on panel wil automatically also be a teams meeting.
    MTR devices in the room will then get the “Join” button enabled and you can add other’s to the meeting.

2.1.134 – June. 2023

  • Updated libraries
  • Fixed date/time issue when booking thru multiroom

2.1.130 – June. 2023

  • Added possibility to run “Beta” versions of LoopMeeting
  • Added support for LED on YC-D101T panel
  • New initial setup screen
  • Fixed small issue with Google “Show Meeting Schedule”
    (when room has declined booking.)
  • Changed from max 25 to 30 rooms in Multiroom view.
  • Fixed reload settings issue
  • Skipping roomlists with unsupported email address (MSgraph)
  • By default – do not verify roomlists and rooms when loading config
    Loads config much fater in large environments.

2.1.106 – April. 2023

  • Fixed crash issue for “Multiroom” and “Show Meeting Schedule”
  • Fixed update issue with “Show Meeting Schedule”
  • Replaced DB engine to new version.
  • Fixed DB migration during update.

2.0.99 – Mar. 2023

  • Added tile size function for reception mode
  • Set max retry booking time if backend not available
  • Add support for large environments with +100 roomlists
  • Fix need for double confirmation if booked on panel
  • Language changes

2.0.90 – Dec. 2022

  • Change – Do not show time left if < 24 hours to next event
  • Fix Multiroom issues
  • Fix – Corrupted configuration issue
  • Smaller bugfixes
  • Small Dutch language change
  • Added simple debug function
  • Removed local change if managed by central config.
  • Add support for Android 11
  • Add support for sending IP and MAC to central config

2.0.62 – Sept. 2022

  • Status update to admin console every hour
  • Fix Multiroom issues
  • Max 100 rooms in multiroom view
  • Change – Multiroom is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fix for LoopBooking (Excessive token requests)

2.0.56 – July. 2022

  • Fixed issue with very large Google environments
  • Added LED support for ProDVX 10SLB and 10XPL devices
  • Added LED support for new LM-08SM (8 inch panel)
  • Removed Local setup for O365 and Google (Use Central Setup)

2.0.50 – June. 2022

  • Fixed issue with roomlist with more than 100 rooms in O365

2.0.48 – March. 2022

  • Fixed room list issue in Multiroom when list has special characters
  • Fixed Google issue if one invite has declined the meeting
  • Changed Multiroom sorting mechanism to better support environments
    with several hundreds of rooms.
    (To ensure app does not become unresponsive)

2.0.39 – Des. 2021

  • Added support for Greek language
  • Fixed issue with multiroom settings loading
  • Fixed private meeting issues in O365 MSgraph API.
  • Added support for IAdea XDS-1078 Panel

2.0.35 – Nov. 2021

  • Added “reload settings” from first step in settings menu
    (So everyone can initiate settings instantly).
  • Fixed crash issue when running in portrait mode
  • Fixed small Google issue
  • Fixed LoopBooking “back in time” issue generating requests

2.0.29 – Aug. 2021

  • Fixed MSgraph bug, week meeting fetch. Changed API request.
  • Added option to enable/disable semi transparent status color (Green/Red/Yellow) if you have background signage or picture.
  • Added function –  app settings needs to be reset before changing backend URL or config code

2.0.24 – June. 2021

  • Added option to enable/disable booking on the panel for more than one day ahead. Default setting is disable.

2.0.20 – May. 2021

  • Fixed LoopBooking instant booking issue after backend change.

2.0.19 – Mar. 2021

  • Fixed MSgraph for some special O365 / Exchange hybrid installations.
  • Fixed language issue

2.0.09 – Nov. 2020

  • Updated LoopSign as a background feature – more info
  • Fixed app update from central admin for Android 6 devices.

2.0.06 – Okt. 2020

  • Add LoopSign as a background feature (Beta) – more info
  • Change Multiroom functionality to fix “Same rooms present in several roomlists”
    Note – For some customers the multiroom configuration needs to be set again.
  • Fix an issue with booking on panel with Google calendar.

1.0.99 – Okt. 2020

  • Add function to update app from initial setup screen
  • Fixed bug for portrait view

1.0.98 – Sept. 2020

  • Add “clean room” option to comply with health policy (Covid19)
  • Add support for “status” feedback to central config. (Beta)
  • Change API for “Get Roomlist” in Office365/MSgraph.
  • Fixed “long room ID” issue in Google Suite
  • Added O365 EWS Oauth2 (For backwards compatibility to hybrid environments)

1.0.92 – June. 2020

  • Fixed email feedback issue
  • Adjusted Faroe Islands language

1.0.88 – March. 2020

  • Timewheel will not start countdown before there are 60 minutes or less remaining time before the meeting ends
  • Added Faroe Islands language
  • Fixed that rejected meetings in Google calendar will not show on the panel
  • Fixed central config renewal token issue with Google Calendar

1.0.85 – Jan. 2020

  • When Google meeting is flagged “private” it will not show subject if subject is enabled
  • Support for Google Roomlists
  • Added Central config option for LoopBooking
  • Forced large letters when entering room config code
  • Small cosmetic fixes
  • Online/offline status in Central Config. App will report status once every 24 hour.
    *If no status >24 hours- Yellow/Offline.
    *If no status >72 hours – Red/Offline
  • Minor bug fixes for LoopBooking

1.0.80 – Des. 2019

  • Multi room background synchronization optimized
  • Fixed central config issue
  • Fixed some small bugs.
  • Added confirmation question before reset setup

1.0.77 – Nov. 2019

  • Added Polish and “nynorsk” language
  • Fixed LED control issue on LM1012T produced September 2019 and later.
  • Added “-” (dash) between meeting subject and meeting booker’s name if you select to show meeting subject.
  • Added option not show meeting bookers name if you show meeting subject.
  • Fixed issue with Google and recurring meetings
  • Official Support for MSgraph API’s
  • Fixed connection issue with new LoopBooking API’s
  • Minor change to Swedish and Latvian translation
  • When Offline removed option to “ignore” when booking on panel.
  • Fixed minor issues with App update
  • Added meeting time and host when sending equipment feedback email.

1.0.59 – June. 2019

  • Added Time Zone configuration under Advanced setup to override Android OS config. (Works on LM-xxxx panels.)
  • If you change language in LoopMeeting it will automatically change keyboard layout as well (Works on LM-xxxx panels.)
  • Changed Web Admin to match all configurations options in LoopMeeting.

1.0.56 – June. 2019

  • Added yellow LED light (10 minutes or less of current meeting) for the LM-1212T panel. (Panels produced in May 2019 and after)
  • Minor change to Danish translation
  • Add server type Office 365 – easier configuration for Office 365 environment with prefixed URL.
  • Shows full name of booker when using Google and not only email address.
  • Apply PIN code from Web Admin config.

1.0.51 – Apr. 2019

  • Added config download from Central Admin every 24th hour.  So if you change settings in central Admin the panels will be automatically updated.
  • Added LoopMeeting App update trigger from Central Admin. So if you select Update in Central Admin, panels will update to latest LoopMeeting app version.
  • Added optional daily scheduled reboot of the panel
  • Small change in Swedish translation
  • Small change to LoopBooking Meeting information
  • Small change to Meeting Schedule on the right
  • Change to logo and background picture handling (Compatibility for LG with Android 4.4)
  • Updated Beta, MSgraph (New generation API for Office 365)

1.0.43 – Feb. 2019

  • Added Support for Google GSuite / Google Apps for Work
  • Added “Advanced settings” page to make it easier to configure.
  • Changed so meetings booked on panel is instantly updated
  • Added option remove “remaining time wheel”
  • Added option “Set PIN code for booking/cancel meetings”
  • Added option – “Show meeting subject” (If enabled in Exchange)
  • Added option  – Show room schedule on right side (Up to one week ahead)
  • Add build in Kiosk mode (No need to use Startup and stay)
  • Added option to update application from advanced settings
  • Added Turkish language
  • Next Meeting will now show next meeting even if it’s up to one week in the future
  • Time Wheel will show free time up to one week in the future
  • Fixed issue with Confirm meeting when room is free (adds time to confirm up to 10 minutes before meeting starts)
  • Changed – when doing “speed” bookings you need to press finished.
  • If panel is “offline” you can not book meetings and get option to reboot panel.
  • Added cancellation email to booker if meeting is not confirmed (If Automatic cancel is enabled)
  • Beta, MSgraph (New generation API for Office 365)

1.0.23 – Dec. 2018

  • Add option to run Exchange connection both with TLS and SSL (For backwards compatibility)
  • Add Demo mode – Possibility to run App in demo mode for testing without License
  • Small change in Italian language translation
  • Changed to a bit lower brightness for the LED light indicators on LM-1012T panel

1.0.20 – Nov. 2018

  • Added “connection to back-end environment” indicator
  • Fixed logo bug, Android 6
  • Fixed stability issues – Android 6
  • Change language bug fix for Android 6.
  • New database and room synchronization engine to optimize for large and slow environments.
  • Fix memory/storage leak bug if app is not restarted after initial config

1.0.8 – Nov. 2018

  • Removed mandatory periodical license validity check. (To fully support panels without internet connection)
  • Added support for LM-1012 LED light
  • Streamlining code for large environments and unstable networks.
  • Bug fix date format (US/Europe)
  • Enforce Android 4.4.x to use TLS 1.2 (For Office 365 compliance after 31.10.2018)
  • Added support for Finish, Dutch and Italian language
  • Added Google firebase application crash reporting – Sept. 2018

  • More info from App when connection to Exchange fails
  • Added support for Philips LED light
  • Changed “bottom and top area” to pure black
  • After 2 minutes of inactivity – goes back to main screen
  • In large/slow exchange environments added indicator during startup and prevent the OS to think the app is not responding.
  • Fixed Export settings issue
  • Added French language
  • Added “mail report back” for LoopBooking
  • Fixed  “reset setup” does not delete License key – Aug. 2018

  • Added License key
  • General bug fixes
  • Added support for LoopBooking
  • Added if meeting room is free, then confirm meeting is available 10 minutes before start.
  • Removed possibility to change/delete future scheduled meetings – Aug. 2017

  • First Official Version
    (First unofficial production version of LoopMeeting was launched Dec. 2016)