Fresh bread and fresh information

The Dutch bakery Bakker Wiltink uses screens to inform their employees in their production facilities. Digital signage is shown to be an effective way of sharing information, especially to staff that don’t have access to a computer during their workday.

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5 benefits of using digital signage as part of your internal communication

Using digital signage in your offices or production facilities can be a very efficient way of reaching your employees.

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The most user friendly digital signage solution

The solution for digital signage that suits everyone in your company.

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Five reasons why your company should use LoopSign

If you can design and operate your signage displays in an easy, fast, and affordable way, why shouldn’t you?

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Improved patient and visitor experience with LoopSign

At the Norwegian health trust and hospitals, Sykehuset Innlandet, LoopSign makes life easier for patients and visitors by guiding them to the right department.

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Digital signage made easy, affordable and smart

– LoopSign sets the bar for how simple, yet extensive and flexible digital signage can and should be, says Finn Arne Eikenæs in Loop24.

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