How to deploy LoopSign
On different screens and players

Loopsign utilizes the buildt in HTML5 player in the different screens so if you can’t find your screen/player on this list it will in most cases still work!

LoopSign Android Player 
Android players / Screens with Android version 6.0 or above.
Click here to download the LoopSign player Android App


  • D-Line BDL4550 series. Follow this guide: Deploy Philips D-Line BDL4550
    (This is the recomended model to use with LoopSign)

  • D-Line series (Older models) – Follow this guide: Deploy Philips D-Line


  • B-Line series – Follow this guide: Deploy Philips B-Line
    (The B-Line does not support MP4 video playback)


  • Q-Line  – Not recommended for Digital Signage without an external player.


LG Deployment Guide for webOS 4.x, 3.2, 3.0 and 2.0
LG has made it very easy to deploy LoopSign on their signage screens with webOS platform.

NEC – With RPI3 compute module
NEC – With RPI4 compute module (IML and IMH product lineup)

With our strategic partnership with NEC and SignageOS we have made it very easy to deploy Loopsign to a NEC signage screen. By utilizing the built in RaspberryPI Compute Module and SignageOS operating system it makes the perfect  Digital Signage solution.

Samsung Tizen 6.5 Deployment guide
Utilize LoopSign app for Samsung on newer Samsung Signage screens. The App works on Tizen 4.0 and above depending on firmware. URL to LoopSign app for Samsung:

Samsung Tizen Deployment guide
Utilize the built in HTML browser og Tizen based signage screens. 

Older Samsung models might have HTML5 compatibility issues. (Make sure you test with latest firmware)And please, make sure you use Professional Signage screens, consumer models will not work.

Sony Deployment guide
Sony professional signage screens works perfectly with LoopSign.

Deploy LoopSign from a USB stick
Configure the LoopSign URL on a USB stick and run it on your Sony screen.

Deployment with LoopSign Image for RPI4
How to use Raspberry PI4 LoopSign Image
Loop24 customized image Version 2.0 (October 2021). For RPI4 (based on the original Rasbian image.)
This image is very easy to configure and customize to your needs.


Hisense M and E series

LoopSign works perfectly on Hisense screens by installing the LoopSign Android player


Vestel (New model – Sept 2022)

Vestel will release a new model series in Q2/Q3. It runs very well with LoopSign


Airtame 2
Set LoopSign as a backgroud on your Airtame in your meetingroom or use it as a player.

Screenbeam 1100 Plus
Set LoopSign as a frame or full screen on your Screenbeam device.

Viewsonic CDExx20 series

LoopSign works perfectly on Viewsonic CDExx20 Series by installing the LoopSign Android player

BenQ – BH Series

LoopSign works perfectly on Benq screens by installing the LoopSign Android player

Other supported screens

LoopSign supports virtually any screen with a built in HTML5 player. If your screen is android based feel free to use our LoopSign player app.
Please note that older Vestel screens has performance and stability issues, make sure to have the latest firmware from your vendor.